Glebe Place

Glebe Place is a major refurbishment of a significant historic building within a conservation area close to King’s Road, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. The project involved the complete reconstruction of the unusual roofscape.
Natural ventilation dampers and boost fans were installed within turrets, which are reclaimed from the Brighton Pavilion. The project also features a large basement where a closed loop ground source heating/cooling system has been incorporated into the perimeter retaining piled wall (Energy piles). Whilst this is a fairly shallow array, heat is dissipated quickly due to the proximity of the Thames - and therefore saturated gravel strata.
Natural ventilation is employed wherever possible, however, the basement areas employ demand-driven mechanical ventilation with heat recovery; and, when required, utilise the low carbon heat/coolth generated from the ground source heat pump.
Servicing to the interiors coordinates with the minimal aesthetic by Starck Network.
Skelly & Couch provided full M&E, and sustainability design services on the project.